Making Our Rugs

How Fine Weave Hand Woven Wool Rugs Are Made:

Hand Woven Wool RugsThe process of weaving remarkable wool rugs begins when unprocessed wool arrives at the factory in large bales. The wool is then separated by hand to remove sticks and break up clumps. Next, the wool is fed into a carding machine that separates and pulls the wool into individual strands. The wool is then spun into yarn.

Before the yarn is dyed, it is first cleaned. Wool often carries dust and grease which is removed by washing it thoroughly and then sun dried.

Dyes are created using a precise combination of colors to produce the exact desired hue.The dye is then heated to a near-boiling temperature for a predetermined amount of time. The amount of time is based on the color, the type of dye and darkness desired. Once dyed, the yarn is then placed outside into the sunlight until it is completely dry.

Hand Weaving RugsVarious designs are then created according to the client’s specification and we also create our own designs depending on current market trends. Once the design is drafted it is placed on a frame called a loom. Columns of thread (called warps) are stretched vertically on the loom. Warps are usually made of cotton, providing an ideal surface for a flat and straight rug. The weaver then secure the warps by arranging horizontal rows called wefts, ordinarily made of wool.

Typically one , two or three weavers will work on one rug together, depending on the rug size and use a scaffolding system to raise and lower themselves along the entire length of the rug.Once complete, the rug is then cut off from the loom and sent for shaving which is done by hand.A very strict quality control is then applied making sure that the rug is now complete and ready to be packaged and shipped or displayed in our rug showroom for sale at factory prices and not the inflated prices found in Rug Retailers, Interior Designers and Home Décor Stores. Cleaning a wool rug is best done outdoors where it can be soaked down with a hose after using a sponge and a mild soap detergent in warm water to clean the dirty areas.

Clients are welcome to submit their own designs and color combinations to us or alternatively we are always happy to assist you with the wide selection of our in house designs.

How Flat Weave Leather Rugs Are Made:

Making Our RugsFlat Weave Leather Rugs are woven on the same principal as Fine Weave Hand Woven Wool Rugs. Off cut leather strips sourced from the garment industry are used to weave these beautiful pieces which will offer you simple elegance for any room in your home, office or hotel establishment.

What makes our range of Flat Weave Leather rugs so unique, is that they are very low maintenance, easy to wash and clean that prevent shedding unlike wool rugs. They also absorb far less dust and animal hair as opposed to wool rugs , thus creating a much more hygienic enviroment in your home or office. Our flat weave leather rugs are the epitome of elegance and utility, resistant to wear and tear providing long lasting excellent performance. Again as per our wool rugs, leather rugs are easily packed and shipped and available to you at factory prices and NOT at inflated prices found in Rug retailers, Interior designers and Home Décor Stores.