aboutPierre Tromp has been in the rug industry since April 1998, initially involved with the designing, production and marketing of African/Ethnic Designer Hand Woven Rugs, but soon realizing that he had a passion for Home Décor and Fashion Trends launched South African Handcrafts, t/a The Hand Woven Rug Company in 2003, with a fresh outlook, attending and exhibiting at numerous Rug Trade Shows in the USA, UK and Germany, discovering that rugs were increasingly becoming a very important aspect of your home décor. Gone are the days that one purchased a plain rug from a department store which was used as a ordinary floor covering, to a decorative item which now becomes one of the most important items completing your decorated home or office.

“I am happiest when designing and creating new and fresh ideas, assisting clients with creating a master piece. What attracts me to designing rugs are the limitless possibilities in terms of scale, texture and colour. A rug can be a bold statement, a focal point, a hint of colour or blend effortlessly into its surroundings.”

Pierre Tromp

He also has a passion for exploring houses. Not only is it a great insight into people’s personalities, but it is also very inspiring.Understanding peoples tastes for interior design is a continual source of surprise and one of his favorite phrases is “one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure”. Never a truer word was spoken about designing.